Omni games

Because that’s where all the fun is

  • Omni games

    Fully immersive with walking ability

  • Survive waves of robots by shooting the attackers before they destroy the various Power Cores in the Arena. The game includes both single and multiplayer gameplay.

  • Shadow ops

    Work your way through a dark underground laboratory and shoot zombies as a TRAVR secret agent in this linear first-person shooter horror experience.

  • Training ops

    Compete for the highest score in 10 obstacle-course levels by shooting targets and establishing a record time. Each level has its own leaderboard.

  • Bow Master

    Pull, aim, release. Superb archery game in virtual environment.

  • Coin Rush

    Overcome obstacles and collect as many coins as you can.

How it works
Reservations accepted for groups or parties only. Please call the store to reserve a time!

Groups of four or more

Please contact us if you have even a small group. We have limited availability and due to demand have had to turn away both small and large groups. Please use the contact us email or give us a call 813-515-6177 Thanks!