A virtual reality amusement park and video game lounge.

Incorporating the love of video games with state-of-the-art-tech, this is


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  • Immersive VR

    Powered by Omni Virtuix, we have Tampa’s only fully immersive VR. These machines allow you to walk inside virtual reality. When you walk in real life, you walk in the game. The game selection is limited, but the experience is the most unique.

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  • Vive Play

    The gold standard in VR made by HTC. This has the best selection of games, and the most fun in our opinion. A great variety of multiplayer and single player games, for kids and adults, this is fun for all ages. We currently have two of these stations allowing two to link up and play together or by yourself.

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  • Seated VR

    For both the relaxed individual who isn’t familiar with video games, and the in-depth everyday gamer, these stations are great for both. We have selections that allow you to experience a different world with hardly any effort, and the advanced campaign based games that come with an Xbox controller. This is a terrific station for gamers and non-gamers alike.

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Groups of four or more

Please contact us if you have even a small group. We have limited availability and due to demand have had to turn away both small and large groups. Please use the contact us email or give us a call 813-515-6177 Thanks!